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I’m a who started with the Sinclair ZX81 in 1982. but born in and have lived in and . I studied and have worked as , , and . Today I’m a , , , and with a focus on and .

Also running a on that pulls feeds from all my publications. Really happy to be here!

I will be the first to admit that not committing to Mastodon sooner is a huge lapse in judgement. 😅 This is my third time here and I guess it’s true what they say: third time’s the charm.

@axbom how do you pull this together? in the cloud? perhaps with a GitHub action?

@egonw I’m actually using that has this feature built-in using RSS feeds. will also post onwards to Mastodon, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr and Flickr. I’m not using that right now though… I think I want more control. 😅

@axbom delighted to have you on the fediverse :)

I can recommend a fascinating #ethics adventure in the form of by @ialja and @m3me

@axbom @humanetech @ialja welcome (back) to the fediverse Per! Been following your wonderful work for some time. Would love to figure out how to collaborate at some point 🌱- thanks for the plug Arnold 🙏

@axbom I started thinking about earlier today. It's already 5 years since that closed.

@axbom ZX81 was my first too! So so so many hours on that thing, coding, playing, getting frustrated... And it still works! I have 2 of them and whilst 3D monster maze is okay on emulation the physical #zx81 “keyboard” is so much more fun!

@spm2008 Cool, two! Here's me showing mine when being interviewed for a podcast last year 😅

Welcome to the 'verse @axbom ! Are you familiar with the digital ethics related work of @aral and @doctorow?

@strypey @aral @doctorow Thank you. Absolutely. Have followed them for a fair while and watched a few talks :) Aral in fact was the one I asked for help last time I was making an effort to start up on the Fediverse.

@axbom Welcome! My first ‘pc’ was also a ZX81! I remember the manual with codes you had to copy before playing pong!

@axbom The first computers I worked with were a Commodore 64 (mine) and an Apple II (a friend’s), but then another friend got a ZX81 and we learned all we could about that - fun times! Amazing little computer!

Cool about your content aggregator. I do something similar with but I am using WordPress with one of the RSS feed aggregation plugins. Haven’t looked at but will have to check it out.

@danyork Yes! That early experimentation with computers was so fun!

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