Could anyone confirm that the default behavior of a Mastodon instance is to strip EXIF data from photos? And maybe where there is official documentation on this behavior?

It would certainly feel safer for this to be confirmed on screen at the time of the upload.

@axbom I was wondering the same thing yesterday, thank you for asking it.

@axbom Been wondering as well. I’ve been stripping it myself but would love to forgo that step.

@axbom Looks like it has long been the default behavior, and that the devs (as of 2018 anyway) were resistant to even adding an option to keep it:

@ryan Thanks. Yes, my various searches seem to confirm this as well. And obviously I could just test, but I wondered also if it could differ between instances. Your link seems to confirm it's stripped everywhere.

I was a bit surprised it isn't part of the documentation on - at least when I do a site search for exif.

@axbom yup! I was curious about this too and found a GitHub issue where they talked about it. Confirmed with a recent upload that the redownload had no exif

@axbom Don't rely on third parties to strip exif data from your files.

@axbom or disable the addition of the exif data. I am definitely not going to expect Mastadon or anything else to automatically remove such data.

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