I really want to start drawing more cartoons. Encourage me if you want to see more. They may even increase in quality over time. 😅

Look at me iterating my cartoon to bring home the message a bit more clearly… (maybe)

Thinking about names for the cartoon and became fond of ’From Fawn to Tusk’. Not sure it will stick though :)

@axbom 3rd panel: how about fawn just says “It was peer to peer encrypted.” …. their assumption being that’s the end of that conversation.

@axbom and I’d consider for panel #1 to edit it down - just something like “I don’t know how they saw that. It was a private chat room!”

@wednesday @axbom

The fourth panel is funny. But the iteration is a bit too explanatory. Like the first best.

Great cartoon! I really like the style.

'From Fawn to Tusk' triggers association with movie 'From Dusk till Dawn' with me. Dunno, maybe that's just me, but that association doesn't fit with the theme.

Maybe the elephant is perceived dumb, old-fashioned or 'elephant in the room', but says the smart, obvious thing. The grizzled dev.

While the fawn is newby dev hopping from fad to fad

@wednesday @axbom

Then, if that's so (just assuming), what could that be named like 🤔

@wednesday @axbom

"Into the wild"

"Thick skinned"

"Ollie obvious"

"Slow hunch"

"Trunked" (oops, don't check the urban dictionary 😜 )

"Obvio and Us"

@humanetech @wednesday Hehe, thank you for this! So psyched about your engagement.

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