I would say Ghost and are more like Wordpress. But yes, you both write and publish in the browser. And there is in fact a reading space that could potentially grow into something like Medium for readers:

@axbom Ok.
So how come you opt out of WP? Or maybe you never did WP to begin with?

(Just the notion of 'moving house' for my blog/website gives me chills of the not-so-nice-kind...)

@helenaroth WP became much too complex and bloated for me. It wanted to be more than a blogging platform.

@axbom Have you given a look as well? It’s another great IndieWeb option with frictionless publishing, a fantastic community, and the ability to syndicate articles to other platforms, including Mastodon.

Disclaimer: I host my blog there, but still can’t recommend it enough.

@pete I've played around with it on a subdomain but realised it doesn't really fit with my workflow. I was backer number 11 when did a Kickstarter way back when :)

@axbom Oh nice, small world after all! Gotta go with what works for you, is also excellent so hopefully it matches what you’re looking for.

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