10 quick Mastodon tips

1. Good apps: Metatext on iOS and Tusky on Android

Gah, the web address should've been updated in that image as well. There is an English version of the blog post:

@axbom Tusky is great on Android but with the release of the Mastodon app it might be easier for new users to use the official one.

@Sh4d0w_H34rt What’s been happening in Sweden is that people get the interface in Finnish in the ”official” apps. Finnish and Swedish are not similar at all. 😬 And then a lot of people give up right then and there and think Mastodon is pretty much useless. It’s sadly been a source of giving up on Mastodon for many people in Sweden over the past few weeks. Hence I find it hard to recommend the ”official” apps.

@axbom Didn't realize that was an issue. Was going by UX design but understand your point. Also underscores why having a translation feature is vital.

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