As part of my research in I collect links to articles and stories related to this topic. All of these are bookmarked with Raindrop and shared publicly.

This means you can access all the links as well as an RSS feed of all my bookmarks.

There are now more than 2000 bookmarks and more added weekly. You’re welcome 😊

@axbom love #digitalethics thanks for sharing :blobaww: Didn’t know raindrop app but it looks like Notion, gonna give it a try 🤓

@axbom @MajuLudica

Great set of #ethics resources you have collected over time!

Something similar to Raindrop would be a great federated app for the community-driven collection of topical information snippets (can be just URL's or conforming information profile/template).

Think someday we'll have this and will shift maintenance burden away from the collector.

@django Thank you. I believe this is the next generation site by @m3me et al:

@axbom @django

Thanks Per 🙏 The old site has been taken down and I'm updating DNS to do redirects. The directory is available at

That is a super extensive list of bookmarks! What a brilliant resource...going to look into raindrop :)

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