Pictured is my Remington Standard 12 typewriter from circa 1925, with a Swedish keyboard. Remington is notable as a brand of typewriter because their first two typewriters had features that are still in use today on all computer keyboards across the world.

The 1st feature is the QWERTY keyboard, invented by Christopher Latham Sholes. The feature added to the Remington no. 2, released in 1880 and later used by Agatha Christie, is the SHIFT key

And the tale is true, the QWERTY keyboard was thus designed to solve jamming problems.

Typewriter trivia: The first mechanical typing machine was invented by italian Pellegrino Turri for his blind friend Countess Carolina Fantoni da Fivizzano so she could write him letters. It's suggested they were love letters.

Attached an image from one of the surviving letters.

If you enjoyed that story, read on about the The Technology of Compassion:


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