So if I migrate my account to another instance I'm seeing conflicting reports on the ability to transfer your posts. Anybody know a definitive answer on this? As far as I can see, the import tool doesn't allow importing posts.

Mostly curious.

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@axbom "Mastodon currently does not support importing toots or media due to technical limitations, but your archive can be viewed by any software that understands how to parse ActivityPub documents."

@Jelv @axbom That's a shame 😑 , I would have expected "Moving your profile" to handle this.

@Jelv Thanks. I was reading this on and became a bit bewildered:

"If you want to change Instance it is possible to transfer all your data (including posts, followers and blocked users list) to the new one."

ping @Ca_Gi

@axbom I moved to my own instance, used the migration tool: no content was moved. only follows and followers.

@axbom I was in the same situation. I figured you would easily import posts, but from what I could tell in the interface, you can’t. 🤷🏼‍♂️

@axbom when my wife moved hers she was able to keep her followers but her toots were left with her old instance.

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