Typewriter trivia: The first mechanical typing machine was invented by italian Pellegrino Turri for his blind friend Countess Carolina Fantoni da Fivizzano so she could write him letters. It's suggested they were love letters.

Attached an image from one of the surviving letters.

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Pictured is my Remington Standard 12 typewriter from circa 1925, with a Swedish keyboard. Remington is notable as a brand of typewriter because their first two typewriters had features that are still in use today on all computer keyboards across the world.

10 quick Mastodon tips

1. Good apps: Metatext on iOS and Tusky on Android

Two comics in two days! Anyway here is comic #2 of what I am now calling ”Wild Exploits”

Anybody else remember Whiz Kids? Likely my favorite tv show as a kid. Sadly it was cancelled after the first season, and only 18 episodes having been produced.

Look at me iterating my cartoon to bring home the message a bit more clearly… (maybe)

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I really want to start drawing more cartoons. Encourage me if you want to see more. They may even increase in quality over time. 😅

I always expect a preview image for the post to appear automagically. 😅 Don’t worry, I’ll get the hang of this. Here’s the chart if you want a look before reading my post.

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Anyone else plotting their escape plan? 😅

How to Escape from Twitter.

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