As part of my research in I collect links to articles and stories related to this topic. All of these are bookmarked with Raindrop and shared publicly.

This means you can access all the links as well as an RSS feed of all my bookmarks.

There are now more than 2000 bookmarks and more added weekly. You’re welcome 😊

Two comics in two days! Anyway here is comic #2 of what I am now calling ”Wild Exploits”

I really want to start drawing more cartoons. Encourage me if you want to see more. They may even increase in quality over time. 😅

I received some pushback with regards to how I at one point used the word autonomous when talking about algorithms in The Elements of Digital Ethics. I agree with the criticism and have written more this morning about the dangers of language that supports the illusion of free will in machines.

Faux-tonomy - the dangers of fake autonomy

I always expect a preview image for the post to appear automagically. 😅 Don’t worry, I’ll get the hang of this. Here’s the chart if you want a look before reading my post.

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The Elements of Digital Ethics is a chart I made to help guide moral considerations in the tech space. Given time it will also serve as the skeleton of my next book.

About an hour ago I sent out the latest issue of my newsletter, this time aptly named: The Mammoth in the Room 😊

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I’m a who started with the Sinclair ZX81 in 1982. but born in and have lived in and . I studied and have worked as , , and . Today I’m a , , , and with a focus on and .

Also running a on that pulls feeds from all my publications. Really happy to be here!

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