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@pete My plan is to be running lots of things on this so we'll see how soon I'll have to upgrade 😅

@pete The one I went with:

2 cores @ 3 GHz

@iakonkret @LeoR1010 @barbiche Och nu såg jag att DN:s förstås är trasig. Nu måste jag ju gå över till fågelsajten och tala om det för dem… 🤪

@iakonkret @LeoR1010 @barbiche Det finns tusentals sådana där “bangs” som det kallas. Det gör DuckDuckGo till den absolut mest överlägsna sökmotorn i mitt tycke, inte bara av integritetsskäl, utan för att den också är massor av sökmotorer i en. DN funkar med !dn och SvD har !svd till exempel!

@barbiche @LeoR1010 Om du inte upptäckt det ännu så kan du alltid lägga till "!g" i slutet av din sökfras så gör DuckDuckGo sökningen i Google. Väldigt smidigt för de tillfällen man känner att man behöver skifta.

Lägger man till "!w" söker den i Wikipedia.

@fysme There absolutely is. My challenge is I'm not "migrating" per se but actually keeping the same domain/instance name but on a new server, looking at the docs they expect some server/db exports/imports I don't really want to get into...

So really I should change instance name and that actually might make things simpler for me. Hmm.

Been busy setting up my own VPS and using Cloudron to install some software, including Mastodon. So I’ll likely move my instance with to my own server this weekend. Will likely result in some downtime and lost toots/images. But I do like the idea of being more self-sufficient. Now is the time to do it 😅

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A few years ago I made this flow chart of which Mastodon posts end up in which timelines!

So, you can see how each instance will have a different local timeline, and even a slightly different federated timeline - and you can see why the federated timeline moves so much faster than the local one, too.

This is why it's important to boost good posts and use hashtags - the fediverse is fragmented and harder to search by nature.

[ #mastodon #meta #tootorial #howto #mastopedia #mastotip ]

@ainali Haha. Yeah, I’m also not a Slack fan. I’m using Mastonaut on Mac right now. It handles multiple accounts but I can’t add them in the same view (as a separate column), just toggle between. I actually realise now that Whalebird is the same in that regard.

Heardle 82 

@ainali Haha. Idag kunde till och med en sådan musiktafatt person som jag höra vad det var på första 😁




These are three I'm aware of that have some free functionality for captions (for recorded videos).

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@django Thank you. I believe this is the next generation site by @m3me et al:

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As part of my research in I collect links to articles and stories related to this topic. All of these are bookmarked with Raindrop and shared publicly.

This means you can access all the links as well as an RSS feed of all my bookmarks.

There are now more than 2000 bookmarks and more added weekly. You’re welcome 😊

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A #library is a great example of an institution where humans collaborate with each other for motives beyond profit. It is a place where it is easy for everyone to understand how our relationships with strangers can be more than mere commercial transactions.

A library is, in a way, an #anarchist space dedicated to knowledge.
It has rules and we observe them out of respect, not fear.
It has experts whose authority is not arbitrary, but knowledge based.

A library is a sanctuary from capitalism.

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Imagine #libraries don't exist, but there's this person who thought of them and is trying to convince everyone else about them.

-Borrow books for free? People are going to steal them!
-You can just come in to use a computer? Well that's just going to be abused by freeloaders.
-Staff? Who is going to pay them? Why should my taxes be wasted subsidising access to books for people who haven't saved and bought their own?

How many amazing things do we dismiss? What is our society missing out on?

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@Mabande Ja vad spännande! Ett tipping point har nåtts!

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