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There are currently 1816 blogs in the database. Most of them are very IT focused. I would love to have a more diverse field of topics. So if you know any cool personal blogs, plz suggest them here:

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No, you *can’t* set cookies on a ‘legitimate interests’ basis instead of consent, because ePrivacy law doesn’t allow it.

If cookie is ‘strictly necessary’ to ‘faciiitate the communication’; just set it. If not; ask for consent.

The GDPR doesn’t even come into this equation, so nor does legit ints.

Unpacked and explained further here (free access)

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needless to say i didn't predict how timely a piece like this would be when i was doing the interview.

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Cookie popups: Twitter repost 

Once again; loud and slow for the people at the back:


Cookie popups came from the adtech industry’s disinclination to comply with ePrivacy law and make it so annoying to avoid surveillance advertising that people wouldn’t bother

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"Readability: The Optimal Line Length" —Baymard Institute

This article from Baymard Institute discusses:

• Why 50 - 75 characters per line is the optimal length
• How the length of the lines in a block of text impacts users
• Research insights from their own usability testing

#uxdesign #productdesign #design #ui #ux #uidesign #accessibility #contentdesign

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Bloggers should put a link to their feed in an accessible place for people to see. We should promote Atom/RSS more.

QR codes are used extensively in Sweden for secure logins (often in combination with BankID or Freja eID). They’re terrible for accessibility.

Today I’ve been working on a solution that hugely improves the experience for people who use magnifying tools and screen readers. Really pleased with how it’s coming along!

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This @PleaseCaption bot is amazing. It instantly detects whether you've posted media without alt text and sends you a little toot so you can delete and re-draft. Give it a follow now. (Hope it can work at scale)

If you have @DuckDuckGo as your default search engine you actually have more than 13,000 different search engines available from the address bar, just using ”bangs”.

There is a bang for Wikipedia (!w), for Twitter (!twitter) and even google(!g).

(And yes, this works if you just go to the duckduckgo website as well)

Check it out:

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Project ENABLE is a great place to find universal design resources. It is a grant-funded project geared specifically toward accessibility and disabilities in libraries #Library #Librarian #Libraries #Accessibility #A11y

Me and @Beantin are interviewing @laura about in a couple of hours. I'm thinking this may lead to a new strip for @wildexploits. The interview will be released on @uxpodcast within a few weeks.

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Two comics in two days! Anyway here is comic #2 of what I am now calling ”Wild Exploits”

Anybody else remember Whiz Kids? Likely my favorite tv show as a kid. Sadly it was cancelled after the first season, and only 18 episodes having been produced.

Thinking about names for the cartoon and became fond of ’From Fawn to Tusk’. Not sure it will stick though :)

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Look at me iterating my cartoon to bring home the message a bit more clearly… (maybe)

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The only security measure I’ve ever trusted is Per-to-Per encryption…

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