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Kanske kan @maloki hjälpa med Tusky-support för bilder?

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Gah, the web address should've been updated in that image as well. There is an English version of the blog post:

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@axbom extra tip! Tusky har support på svenska tillgängligt! För jag är svensk och jag jobbar support på Tusky! 🥰

10 quick Mastodon tips

1. Good apps: Metatext on iOS and Tusky on Android

Ja att ens få vara en del av de diskussionerna är ett oerhört privilegium. Samtidigt som man påminner sig själv om att många svagare röster har försökt i decennier att lyfta samma saker men inte blivit hörda. Lite ångest ska man leva med.

Jag försöker också anamma det långa perspektivet. Att jobba med saker som kanske ser sin ljusaste tid om några hundra år. Man behöver inte se omedelbara resultat, eller ens resultat inom sin livstid, för att försöka göra bättre i nutid.

Ah "unlisted" I know about but the term "locked post" I wasn't familiar with. Is this another way of expressing the "Followers-only" option?

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Fråga: är någon av de svenska Mastodon servrarna faktiskt väl modererade? 🤔

Har ni en bra block-lista, eller är ni frys persikor?

#Svenska #Sverige #MastoSwe

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What’s your favorite feed?

Do you stay at Home? Or go Local? Or venture into Federated most often? All of ‘em? Do you always start with one and then check the others?

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Quite exciting to see more and more scientists joining the #fediverse!

If your colleagues ask you about this place, please let them know we have three mastodon communities with #academic focus:


I also participate as moderator in an academic Spanish/Portuguese speaking community:


#science #scicomm :boost_requested:

Jobbar på ett manus för en kort intro-film: "Mastodon på 5 minuter". Känns som det kom en ny våg med svenskar idag vilket är jätteroligt :)

Vad får jag inte missa att ta med?

Making a demo to help people understand and manage an accessibility issue with QR codes. Actually remaking a demo to protect the identity of my client even though I think they would get lots of good-will for focusing on this. But I haven’t checked with them if it’s okay to show-and-tell and that would take longer to run up the chain of command than rebuilding and anonymising the demo for my purposes.

Sometimes I wish the default accepted behavior was just transparency all around.

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Here I am! (Yeah, like y'all have been waiting for me... 🙈 )

Giving Mastodon a try, curious as to what type of tankespjärn I might find here, as well as what value I can provide.

Part of my curiosity centers around:

What's the thing that makes you give Mastodon a 👍 ?

But I am also eager to hear your best tips for a total rookie like me - so please, tell me:

What to do, who to 'follow' (is that even what I'd be doing here?), do's and don'ts?

I would say Ghost and are more like Wordpress. But yes, you both write and publish in the browser. And there is in fact a reading space that could potentially grow into something like Medium for readers:

For my non-billable work today I want to make a video showing a solution for accessible QR codes on the web (in Swedish).

And another @wildexploits cartoon. Have an idea I want to sketch out. 😄

I know I just moved my blogs to Ghost but now I really would love to move them to Ghost wasn't as clutter-free as I'd hoped. I just don't have the bandwidth for another move now. Maybe this autumn. 🍂 (based on WriteFreely) truly feels like it could be the solution I've been looking for all along.

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